Hygiene + blanket distro.

The container area is located at the end of the runway near the Chios airport.  The islands answer for “you-store storage”.  About 100 containers are lined up in an “L” shape that other NGO’s use as well as shops and local people.  This morning a couple from the

Czech Republic drove 3 days with a van full of aid- we unloaded the van then Janne took it to the “1 Euro” store to pick up the items that had been purchased yesterday- dish soap, shampoo, deodorant, women pads, clothing wash, toothbrushes and tooth paste.

We organized the blankets and other aid.   3 vans loaded with aid made their way past

the camp, down a dirt road where 200+ people had been waiting for up to 4 hours for our disto that was to start at 11:00 am.  We pulled out at 8:00pm, the light from the full moon helping us those last hours in all 220+ people received critical aid.  Happy

International Women’s Day!



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