Rain, rain go away.

The weather forecast was for rain starting at noon.  The plan was to meet at the container area to load the 3 vans.  I organized the hygiene container with the left over

items we’d distributed yesterday.  I’d brought some items from home that I thought might help keep things organized.

We made our way back to the camp for our last distro for the trip.  Our new Czech friends had their van FILLED with women and men’s clothing.  With so many arrivals and the burned tents the need is huge right now at the

camp.  In the short time we’ve been here we’ve seen the garage piles grow.

The boys enjoy doing line control- Marin and his French skills are a huge help and they like to talk to those waiting in line.  Keeping the mood light is essential but you also need

to be firm.  They did a great job.  I was a “shopper” which meant that once a person is registered, Janne writes on their ticket what they can pick out and for how many people. It’s a really good way to do this- but still people are upset when we ran out of some sizes. But we got far more happy smiles!

A man had gone through the line and Max had been helping him, he wanted a sports coat because there was a big tear in the one he had.  The IMG_E0776gentleman had left when Max found a sport coat.  He left his shopper and went running up the hill to catch the guy- they both came back and when the man tried on the jacket it was a perfect fit!  Small things that mean so much.

Mae helped shoppers but what she really loved doing was keeping the kids busy while the moms shopped.  It is hard to believe there could be any flowers left for all that were picked today!

The country side is full of blooming colors!  It is amazing to see.

At about 5:30pm it started to sprinkle.  It slowly increased to rain.  Janne called an end for the day and Ali (the main interpreter) marked on everyones ticket who hadn’t been served a mark so that they

could return on Thursday for another chance.

Dinner was with all 18 of us at a local restaurant on the port.  Conversation was lively, the food great and the goodbyes long.

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