Like Energizer bunnies.

We both slept in a bit- me until 8 and Zach 10:30.  Had to wake him before the buffet closed at 11.  We were on the road back to the warehouse.  It is about a 20 min ride without traffic- with traffic, sometimes as much as an hour.  There is a train station directly across from facility- but so nice to have the space.

The Stone Warehouse at E1 1/2 had requested another load of goods.  First we did our daily stop at D/Jumbo to get some soccer balls and games for the project we had worked at yesterday down at the port.

Supposedly there were to be 30 volunteers working- when we arrived there were at leastIMG_2719 that many.  A group of college students were working helping to sort the Spanish aid-another container (2 of 60) had been unloaded and  needed to be sorted and put away).  Our list was simple- summer clothes and shoes.  We took all of our needs from the pallets of Spanish aid, no need to resort.  Soon the van was loaded to the top and we drove back down to the port.

One of the things that has changed in the month since i’ve been here is that the port is SOOOOO much more busier.  Were there was a view across the port area now is parked a HUGE ferry.  So the children play among the chaos of loading cars and semi’s, the foot traffic of the holiday makers and the cars whizzing past to get either out of the port or in line to leave the port on a ferry.

We were mobbed at the Stone house- women wanting clothes for themselves and kids.  L

We then ran over to the School Box Project pod and delivered the bag of goodies.  The girl that runs the project was just retuning from lunch-we found her in the parking lot with some of the kids we had played with yesterday.  Once again many hugs and kisses- we drove to the pod while she walked.  To walk with a bag of toys here would end disastrously – there would be kids fighting and in tears.

She was so tired- she said she could not remember the day of the week or what month is was.  She was going to take the afternoon off and have some of the other volunteers work. I said “maybe a weekend?”.  She said “No, the children would be confused”.  The work is endless here- time suspends.  Days turn into weeks, weeks months.IMG_2720

Returned to the Warehouse to load up for our road trip tomorrow-we will head north to the boarders and visit 4 camps.  We were LOADED.  We stayed until late to help sort items with the others.   Rita is coming with us so we will be crammed into the front seat until we unload at the first stop-

P.S. this is not my damage to the van- this van has been driven like a rental like no rental i’ve ever had!  Whole body looks like this.

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