Heading back to Greece-Oct 15-25

It has been 5 months since Zach and I returned from our trip to Greece- in those months the plight of the refugees has never been far from my mind.  In June I took the position with Carry the Future (CTF) as their Baby Box Coordinator.  In April while in Greece with CTF’s (AMAZING) Team 8 the plight of the babies was in the front of our minds- it was during a brain storming session that someone thought of the Finnish style baby boxes- after WWI Finland had one of the worlds highest infant mortality rate- great minds got together and figured out that the babies needed a safe space to sleep.

Thus the Baby Box was born- fast forward to today.  Every expecting mother in Finland at about 30 weeks into her pregnancy receives a box from the Finnish government filled with everything you would need for a new baby, mattress, onesies, bibs, hats, clothes, diapers, necessities, tights, blankets……….everyone gets and uses their boxes.  From the queen of Finland to the Roma in their caravans.   Today Finland boasts the lowest infant mortality rate in the world!

CTF seeing the great need as a consequence of babies being born to refugees in tents in camps in Greece, started concentrating their efforts on these

A mural on a squat near Athens-

newest little refugees.   To date CTF has delivered 55 boxes to new mothers in camps and I will be leading a team to Greece in a few days and we will be delivering more baby boxes as 200 baby boxes are in Greece waiting to be distributed.

Our team includes 2 amazing photographers who will be getting as many images as possible to help in fundraising efforts.  In June- 10 days before World Refugee Day, CTF was able to raise $20,000USD which has been used to purchase these 250 boxes.  img_3618On the ground in Greece our team will be using fundraised money to purchase items to put into the baby boxes to help the Greek economy.  Items like:  diapers/wipes, receiving blankets, pads for mom…….the out pouring from supporters has been amazing.  We have had a pajama manufacture donate, a woman has sent 200 teddy bears to go into the waiting boxes, a collection of winter baby buntings happened in the UK which will keep these new babies as warm as possible!  I’ve been  busy knitting baby socks to add to the boxes.  It truly has been a global effort.

If you are interested in donating money for me to purchase items in Greece it would be appreciated.  I am thankful for my village who will be helping Rob out when I am gone- my parents who are always my biggest cheerleaders and friends who listen to me go on and on about the refugees and their plight.  Especially in these times of fear of refugees and of immigration, let us all remember that it is our ancestors who also were immigrants, maybe even refugees.  It is because our forefathers left their homes and family in search of a better life that we all are here today.

In solidarity-


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