Off again- Team 23

Heading back to Europe with Carry the Future.  I’ll be joined by Amanda one of my Team 8 members- and for the 1st 3 days in France we will be joined from team members from around Europe.

The refugee crisis contines even as the news outlets have turned their cameras elsewhere.   If you are interested Google “refugees in Paris” and you will be flooded with images of people sleeping hard (on cardboard with blankets or in small sleeping tents) on the streets of Paris.   

There are about 7 of us meeting at the airport in Paris then driving to Calaise to work in some camps and with some NGO’s supporting the refugees in the area.  On Monday Amanda and I will fly to Athens and be in Greece, with a quick trip to Serbia, until the 21st.  The weather will be cold so I’ll be looking like the Michlin Tire Chick this trip- it was a bit of an issue to get 17 days worth of winter wear in my carry on bag for all 17 days!  

Thanks in advance for keeping us in your thoughts- and for all the support that makes these trips possible,

In Solidarity-

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