Oh, and 3 countries!  We met down for breakfast and then hit the road.  Weather is so unpredictable this time of year so of course we started the day going the wrong way on the img_5264road in front of the hotel, and this is with using Google Maps.  We basically get lost at least once a day so figured if this is the only time we get lost then-yea for us!

It was mostly a straight shot south from Belgrade thru Macedonia to Athens.  All in all it took us 13 hours 31 min, we went thru 20 tolls and covered 690 miles (1,111km).  Our day started out with snow and ended in rain.

Our phones mostly don’t work, and the van’s radio only works part time, and with no way to play music or pod casts we spend lots of our time talking and just looking out the window at the passing beautiful scenery.  Processing what we have seen and talking about ways to better the lives of the refugees.  Amanda has been a fantastic partner these past 2 weeks, so easy to be around, a hard worker and so very thoughtful and considerate.

Serbia will hold a special place in our hearts as the needs are so great and there are so many people stuck there with little or no outside support.  Such a contrast with what we have seen unfold in Greece these past few months.

The scenery was  beautiful, we could see the snow line in the mountains.  And up until we reached Athens we were either in snow or there was snow on the side of the road.

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