Belgrade, Serbia.

Our forecast for the week showed rain and thunderstorms the whole week.  We woke to

IMG_6405 (1)
View from my hotel window.

a blue sun filled sky!  Our task today was to collect a list of items for a new youth center one of our partner NGO’s has recently opened 4 hours south of Belgrade near to a new refugee camp.  Currently Serbia is high on the list of European countries less than hospitable to refugees.  The camps are not accessible to NGO’s typically.

In January Amanda and I were here in Belgrade delivering baby carriers and yesterday we returned to meet up with Edin who has opened another center near this new camp.  He needed some items to set up:  work table for 5 computers, a storage unit that can be locked (for games, computers and items of value), a child’s table with 6 chairs, a white board, an A/C unit and baby beds.

So Amanda and I ran around all day.  The hotel told us of a mall that they thought would have what we needed in their top floor which was all furniture.  We didn’t find anything to buy for Edin but I found something little I wanted- there was a guy and his daughter checking out ahead of us and he had a “Michigan” sweatshirt on, obviously one of my people.  Struck up a conversation and he proceeded to tell us of 5 other places to check out and come to find out he is the head master at the lower American School here in Belgrade.  He has desks and maybe other things to donate to Edin.  The Universe is all giving!

We were able to find everything on the list and bought diapers to give to Eden to handIMG_6406 out for siblings of the kids that visit his center.

Tomorrow and the next day are a National holiday here in Serbia so all of the store will be closed- our timing really is perfect!

We are tired but got to bed early last night and slept in today- we are semi-recharged and will take our time driving to Pirot, Serbia tomorrow.  Everyone we tell where we are going say they have never been there and that they make beautiful rugs.  Guess we will know tomorrow.

Amanda and I are excited because we will be less than an hours drive to Sofia, Bulgaria.  If we have the time we thought we’d scoot across and have lunch or dinner – check it out!

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