Serres to Athens

We all know that our weather apps are not always correct- last night it showed snow flakes for the area we were in.  Well, boy did the weather get it right!  We woke to a full

on snow storm!  After breakfast, going back to the room and packing we set off in search of a Jumbo to get items for tomorrows Athens deliveries and to get some more stuff for LHI warehouse.

We spend time literally EVERYDAY getting lost.  Most of the time it is “Google Maps” NAOP6984having us drive around in circles.  Literal circles.  We will all start randomly “baaa”ing when we realize Google has done it again, and like sheep we follow the blue line!

Our first stop was Jumbo.  This was a particularly loud AND bright Jumbo so we quickly filled the 4 carts.  Next we drove up the road to a “Cash and Carry” place- maybe most like our “Smart and Final” where we found some food stuff we needed.

We dropped the LHI items off at their warehouse- we had purchased some additional items that they did not ask for but we saw they needed:  a folding table to put packages on, plastic hangers to replace the awful metal ones, batteries…….these NGO’s make a dollar stretch like no body’s business so it is easy and fun to purchase items that will make their work that much easier.

We finished everything by about noon then hit the road for the Athens.  In Serres the roads were lined with semi trucks.  The highways close to them in bad weather.  Thankfully Sarah is from Detroit and used to winter driving- with the van loaded down with the extra weight of the items we’d bought we slipped and skidded our way over a mountain pass behind 2 snow plows and eventually about 2 hours later to below the snow line.  Sarah was BRILLIANT!  So glad to have her driving those roads-

We arrived in Athens and made a quick stop at an Ikea for some additional aid to deliver tomorrow, found our hotel, and went to dinner in a really cute neighborhood near by.

Last night I learned that one of Zachary’s classmates that he was at the Waldorf school

from kindergarten to to 8th grade died.  Jadyn Rose was such a fun spirit- spunky and she could totally get under Zach’s skin- she always made me smile and I loved how much she loved.  An accident has taken her much to early from this place we reside in for the now- and my heart is heavy with the thought of her mother and brother missing her.

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