Last days.

The last few days of a distribution trip are filled up finishing projects, crossing off to-do lists and running on fumes.  Last night we cleaned out one of the 3 big grocery stores of their diapers on sale.  So today we delivered them first thing to the Center.  About 20

trips up to the 2nd level had our 3 shopping carts worth of baby goods up on the 2nd floor.

Courtney (the Center manager) asked if we could go back to the village post office/mini market and pick up 4 more boxes.  Her car is truly a clown car with barely space for 2 people.  We happily obliged.  There actually were 11 boxes so once again we somehow figured out how to stuff these huge boxes into the van.  All has come from Norway- and were already sorted and clean ready to distribute Winger aid.  A beautiful thing for any warehouse.

At lunch time we headed into town to pick up the 500 bags of sugar and 500 bags of salt QRTB3299.jpgwe’d ordered last week for another aid worker Ruhi who lives in the UK but comes to Chios on her work holidays.  She is a mother of sorts to all the single men- really boys, who find themselves stuck on Chios.  She is also the contact that people message when they arrive in the camp and there is no place to sleep.

The Greek Police run this camp and once the newly arrived refugees are registered there is no guarantee there will be space for them.  Often (as in weekly) there will be people/families/children hard sleeping (on the ground without shelter or blankets).  Ruhi purchases tents for these people and has one of the boys deliver to the new family.  IF she has any tents.

We arrived at the grocery store and our friend Hasib and 2 of his friends helped load the salt and sugar that we purchased with CTF funds.  We had to make 2 trips to the storage container Ruhi has rented about 1/2 a mile from the grocery store.  Every month Ruhi distributes a food package to all of the families in the camp.

Since we were in town we raided for the 3rd time a grocery store of basically all of their diapers.  This time we filled 4 carts of diapers and wipes.  It is so important to support the Greek economy and purchase as much aid in country as we can.

We did not say goodbye to our new friends at the Center as we will return tomorrow morning after we meet the ferry from Athens at 5:00am.

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