Sorting aid….

It just might be the worse thing to do in aid work.  Sorting aid.  Today we spent our 2nd day sorting.  Iris House’s founders story is like many people who are drawn to this crisis.

She saw what was happening in the news 3 years ago and came to Chios on a 2 week holiday to see for herself.  Fast forward 3 years and she is 1 of 2 organizations  that distribute aid directly to Vial Camp residents.  She is still here.

Today we sorted the children’s container of aid- many of her donations come from img_1506Norway and boy can you tell those people are knitters!  We opened box after box of hand knit sweaters, mittens, hats, leggings……..all amazingly beautiful.

The container was emptied and every box was sorted and bagged for distribution on Friday.  There were 2 very large tarps that we placed everything on and piles were made byimg_1509 size, bagged, labeled and put back in the mostly empty container to be picked up in few day.

We were reminded what NOT to donate like the nasty dirty img_1510unicorn head rest, or the Prada shoe bag, not to be outdone by the make up kit!

The sky had cleared and the sun was out.  In the shade it was cold, but under the sun perfect!  There were about a dozen of us sorting, 1/2 volunteers, 1/2 refugees .  But today we were just working to an end.  Happy knowing that this aid was going to be much needed and appreciated by the receivers.


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