CTF Team 60.

There are 5 of us on this team- 2 i’ve been on CTF trips in the past and 2 new people to me, but not CTF as they have both been on teams before.

Once again blessed with a fantastic team! Eager to start working we met the Iris House team at the container area this morning.

Today we sorted kids clothes for a big distribution we will do on Sunday-

There were about a dozen of us sorting by size, the sun was warm- but there was a nice breeze.

We are staying at an AirBnB a bit out of Chios town but large and comfy for all of us. We arrived in the dark late last night, and woke to this beautiful view.

After about 6 hours of sorting we ran some of the interpreters back to the camp. Not having been there since May, i’d read how overcrowded the camp was and seen pictures on social media but the reality in real time is so awful. Hundreds if people in tents, on the ground outside the camp walls, no sanitation, only the flimsy nylon walls as protection from the sun, heat, wind and rain.

The situation is similar to the scenes from the beginning of this crisis 4 years ago.

All of the interpreters from my previous 3 times to Chios are gone, a new team has taken their place- Farsi, Arabic and French are the languages most people in the camp speak.

My interpreter friends from before have either been transferred to Athens or have made their way to Germany and Holland. Those in Athens are there for next steps, hopefully getting asylum which means they will have papers and can stay in the EU.

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