200 tickets.

The day before yesterday Ali handed out 100 tickets in the camp for toiletry distribution. With so many new arrivals and knowing this disto Janne felt we could handle a larger number.  So yesterday he handed out 200 tickets.  While maybe we had 20 single men or women, the rest were at least a family of 4, sometimes even larger.  Which means, all in all toiletries were

handed out to about 1000 people of the 4000 currently living in the camp.

We started our day going to the city center to pick up items purchased from the 1 Euro store.  Because Janne purchases so much from them she is able to purchase everything for .85 Euro.

While in town we also got more tickets to be handed out for distro, coffee, a bakery run and for me to add more data to my burner phone (which I have to do every couple of days).

Back to the container area to load the 3 vans with items to be distributed.  We followedIMG_E3369 Janne in her van and we could literally see the wheels bending in from the weight of the aid!

We returned to the same spot, along a long winding dusty road out of sight from the camp but within a 5 minute walking distance.

Ali and the team had been in place for the previous 2 hours for line control.  We later learned that people started lining up at 4am.  Someone had started a fire to keep everyone warm while they waited.

We quickly set up as it was a repeat from a couple of days perviously.  At 11:00am the first person stood in front of our desk and we started.

The weather was perfect, a cool breeze and the line manageable- meaning no one rushed our area.  People are so appreciative for the items and when they sit to get registered

with Janne and I they usually have a concerned look- tired from all the waiting I imagine.  But they pass us by on their way back up the hill, back to their tents with a “thank you!”  a smile, and it there are kids a HUGE smile and a wave of the teddy bear they’d received.

Today we had a kitty hanging out in front of our desk most of the days.  The kids would squat down to play with it while they waited for mom and/or dad to register.

We all went to eat dinner after we’d finished the distribution at 5:00pm, returned to the container area to drop off the recycled boxes and any left over aid.

A very full day, but we will sleep well knowing that the families who did receive items today could in turn sleep a little better.

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