Door to door……….25 hours.  Tired, didn’t sleep much on the flights home so just need to stay up for the next couple hours then will crash!

Yesterday we played tourists and all of us (except Sara as she had work to do) went to theIMG_2540 Acropolis in the morning then we all met up for lunch.  Walking home from lunch Amanda spotted one of those escape game places and we spent an hour escaping from the “insane asylum”room.  We made it out with in the hour, thanks to Amands’s math skills! IMG_2553We all also had to pack up- although that was the easy part since we all just had carry ons we have been living out of.

For dinner we all met for one last time at the restaurant on our hotel roof top- Rita joined us and a couple of other volunteers who work with CTF were also there.   It was a lovely full moon view of the port- a perfect way to end the trip.

It was an honor and joy to work with such beautiful women both inside and out. I honestly don’t think i’ve laughed and cried so much EVER in my life. In the end we visited 10 camps, drove over 1,100 miles, handed out 10 (stuffed) van loads of aid, had many a sing alongs in the van, individually asked Sara between 7-12 times a day what our plans were, laughed, cried, snorted……..one could not have asked for a better group.

We all will be processing this for some time- I feel honored to have had the time I did in Greece to see with my own eyes on the ground what is happening, and in some small way help.  Thanks for all the kind words and support-a hearty shout out to the villages at home that helped keep our families running in our absence.




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