And we are off……

It wasn’t hard to imaging going back to Greece……..all of us from Team 8 with CTF (Carry the Future) left last month with heavy hearts, missing our loved ones (and pets) yet feeling like there was SOOOO much work to be done.  A seed was planted, and when I looked at my calendar I saw a sliver of time in May that might work.  Thinking that it would be great to have Zach withIMG_2654 me (our 20 year old who just finished his freshman year at Northern Arizona University), ok, to be honest not only great for him but great for me to have someone strong helping me load the van!   So here I sit on the first leg of our flight from Phoenix to LA looking forward to a week+ in Greece.

We have packed 3-50lb bags of aid, mostly donated.  While the warehouse in Athens is packed with donated aid, we were asked to bring underwear, bras and flip flop plus a bunch of other things people so graciously gave/sent to us or bought:  adult coloring books for the bored teenagers, pregnancy tests (some of the camps have requested) and make up-oh, and stroller to give away.

At every turn during our last visit we were repeatedly asked for shoes…….seems like everyone had on very inappropriate shoes….to small…….to big…… our main mission will be to distribute shoes-to camps and squats.  I have a rough plan as to where we will goIMG_2658 but have kept our schedule open to see what it feels like once we get to Athens.  Have rented the same old big ass van, so will have plenty of room to load items into.  Will miss my CTF Team 8 girls……but will carry them near my heart as I know they will be with me is spirit until we can gather again!  It really was such an honor to work with this amazing group that gathered to make a little bit of a difference last month- and whose mission is not finished!

Zach and I will be staying at the same hotel we stayed in last month- Zach will be my navigator but will miss Laurens subtle directions in my ear……..won’t stop believing until we meet again.



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