It’s a buyers market.

Have been looking for space for CTF to rent for storage.  If anyone is looking for super inexpensive real estate (like a 1 bedroom apartment in a desirable area of Athens for $10,000 USD) Athens, Greece is your town!  Truly amazing deal.

Looked at real estate in the morning and then met up with Susannah (she ran the Athens

When Susannah was loading the van she made a new friend.  Her husband seems to think 4 kitties is enough- I encouraged her to bring this nugget home- lets be honest…would he really notice another cat?

Marathon yesterday! AND looked fabulous today!) at everyones favorite falafel place “Just Falafel”!  It is soooooo yummy!  Susannah and Rita (an Athens based CTF volunteer) are on a night ferry as I write this post on their way to Lesvos, one of the islands that is receiving rafts/death boats of refugees that cross over from Turkey.

The hot spot situation on the ground in Greece can literally shift week to week.  Right now the hot spots are the 4-5 islands that boats land on.  Wishing them luck and Unicorn Magic on their trip to the island.  This will NOT be a vacation-

Spent some time today meeting with Amurtel Greece’s Project Manager, Didi.  I first met Didi 17 months ago at the port area in Athens.  At that time there were 4,000-5,000 refugees

Lactation consultation area-

living in tents at the port.  Amurtel and Didi’s team had a caravan/small camper that was a place for moms to bathe their babies, get some extra food and get help with lactation questions.

Today Amurtel ( is in a fabulous apartment in the center of Athens near to where many of the refugees live.  Everyday they average 50 people (pregnant and lactating Moms) sometimes as many as 100.  Moms, Dads, little sisters, little brothers, Grandmothers… coming to  receive essential pre/post natal care from the midwives and specialist in the clinic.  Every time I visit their purpose becomes more centered as the refugee crisis evolves.

Currently they supply:  diapers, food packages (food for pregnant and lactating moms),

Amurtels mission: diapers, food packages, baby carriers, underwear, baby kits and getting Dad’s involved.  Priceless. 

baby carriers, underwear and baby kits (with baby essentials like:  clothing, onesies, hats, mittens, bibs……..).  Monday-Friday- a steady stream of refugees able to have some dignity and grace during this special time in their lives.

There is a children’s play area that is void of toys as everything has been snuck into pockets and shirts from older little brothers and little sisters.  Understandable, and on my “to-do” list tomorrow is to get some more toys.  Hoping next time I return there will be more needed!

CTF will also be supplying size 3 diapers as they currently are out and are in desperate need.  The moms looks like all new moms I see, happy/tired/exhausted/loving.  It is universal.   I will have you know I did NOT do what I wanted- which was to grab those new babies and love on them.  I just cooed and smiled over these miracles- for they will be our future.


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