Childrens distribution

Over 150 children received clothing to day- once again we met at the container area and loaded the vans with already sorted aid.  On the hill past the Vial Camp we gathered to go over img_1536our game plan.  This is a very well oiled machine- after working on Chios for 3 years Iris House is very good at what they do.

Tickets were given out at “C” camp first as they were the last area to pick aid last time.  Today I got to hand out clothing sized “2-4”.  We knew there would be babies so grabbed some baby kits from the container and had them handy.  For the next 6 hours we were swamped.  2 volunteers escorted the families to collect 4-6 pieces of clothing per child- patiently the mothers (and some fathers) waited in line up to 2-1/2 hours.  Thankfully the weather was perfect.

This being a Norwegian NGO there are img_1540 (1)TONS of hand knit items we put out- all beautiful and amazing!  Many of the hand knit items have these little tags in them with the name of the child and a phone number.  So cute!

The last of the clothing left was loaded into the vans and we set off to the city center to run some errands.

We had been invited to one of the interpreters houses for dinner yesterday so we headed over to his families apartment.  His mother had set on the floor piles of food for us and a

handful of interpreters.  His sister, mother and little brother joined us for an amazing Afghan meal.  We heard the stories of their lives in Kabul, Universities attended and jobs had.  Mom had graduated from University in Business and worked for years at the Afghan post office.  They shared with us their journey that got them to this speck of an island in Greece.  Typically after 6-9 months families are resettled into apartments from the camp.  It is a step up from the containers called home in the camp.  But still reek of impermanence as their future is still unknown.

It was a good day.


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