The day dawned to still seas.  Our plane did not leave the island until noon so we hadimg_1582

img_1586time to have a more relaxing breakfast.  We had dinner last night with the volunteers and interpreters from Iris House.

These boys are so much like our boys at home.  Full of life.  Silly.  Oh so tired when they are not being silly.  Quick to kid around.  Willing to work hard when needed.  I cannot help thinking what their future holds.  My heart hurts thinking of their uncertainimg_1533-1.jpg
futures.  Thankful that there are people like those at Iris House that are looking out and supporting where they can.

Many of these young men have already had multiple rejections to resettle in Greece.  It now is a waiting game.  Some have as many as 4 rejections.  Those have been waiting in Vial for over 3 years.

Our time in Chios has gone quickly.  But I know we each leave a piece of our hearts here to return.  Tom will be returning in April and it will be good to get a first person account of how everyone is doing.


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